BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd 

BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd is a boatyard that was registered in 2009 under the BOI (Board of Investment) in Sri Lanka. The company is established in the BOI free trade zone in Koggala on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, South of Galle.

Labor is mainly recruited among youth trained at the Builing A Future Foundation in the areas of boat building and mechanical & electrical engineering.

BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd manufactures Ceycat catamarans 47 and 53 feet in infused composite designed by the French naval architect Erik Lerouge and by the French naval architecture bureau Sabrosa Rain which has a branch in France and one in Sri Lanka.

The boatyard currently builds large catamarans to equip the fleet of its sister company Sail Lanka Charter (Pvt) Ltd.

BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd et Sail Lanka Charter (Pvt) Ltd are part of Sail Lanka Yachting Group, which has as objective to develop the yachting industry in Sri Lanka through boat building, chartering activities, the development of the infrastructure (mini-marina and marina) and a sailing school  (see Ruhunu Sailing Association).

BAFF Polymech (Pvt) Ltd benefits from a technical collaboration with a French boatyard.

The company has the necessary infrastructure and equipment’s to manufacture ropes as well as moulded rubber, polyurethane and plastic products and mechanical & electrical engineering parts.

BP is also a “Hosting” company that proposes its services to  companies in the yachting sector which intends to develop its activities in Asia.

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