About Building A Future Foundation


The Building A Future Foundation was created in 2006 as a long-term extension of the SLRT (Solideal Loadstar Rehabilitation Trust), a post tsunami reconstruction program.

Only few hours after the tsunami struck the Sri Lankan coast on 26th December 2004. Mr. Pierre Pringiers, Honorary Consul of Belgium in Sri Lanka and his business associates, the family Jinasena, both founders of Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd. (today Camoplast Solideal), initiated the SLRT in order to rebuild a part of the Southern coast of Sri Lanka.

SLRT could directly help 15 000 beneficiaries through fisheries, education, livelihood and permanent housing rehabilitation programs. This ambitious project of 5 million Euros could be achieved thanks to the financial support of important donors such as the French Red Cross, the Belgian Red Cross (Rode Kruis Vlaanderen and Croix Rouge de Belgique) and the Lions Club International Belgium and also thanks to donations from the trustees, various companies, organizations and individuals from around the world.

In 2006, Pierre Pringiers was decorated “Chevalier de l’ordre de Léopold” by the King of Belgium Albert II in recognition for his humanitarian services. He also received the “Melvin Jones Fellow” from the Lions Club International Belgium (MD 112) for his achievements for the benefit of the victims of the tsunami. SLRT was recognized “Best housing project” by the UNHCR.


To improve the living conditions of underprivileged persons depending on the resources of the Ocean.

Impact Model

  • To empower and provide vocational training to youth.
  • To incubate businesses (social businesses and traditional businesses) by bringing in professional expertise and support to create sustainable employment.
  • To generate stable incomes for the young generation and their families.

Pursuing its objective of reintroducing sails in Sri Lanka, BAF developed innovative double powered fishing boats (long liners) intended to be replicated at large scale in other coastal regions of the world affected by overfishing close to the shore.

The Building A Future Foundation also aims at creating a sailing culture in the island and at developing a yachting industry from boat building, sails and masts making… to the creation of the infrastructure (mini-marinas) and chartering services. These economic activities are developed through the concept of social entrepreneurship and through North-South cooperation’s.


  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Respect for communities, environment and culture.
  • Commitment and accountability.


  • Sashimi project: Development and introduction of 45 feet (14 m) innovative fishing boats, multihulls, with sails and engine for ecologic and economic deep-sea fishing.
  • Green boats: Retrofit of existing engine-driven fishing boats of 19 and 28 feet with mast & sails (see under Sashimi project) for economic and ecologic benefits (see under the Sashimi page).
  • Multi-skills training: More than 400 youth trained in various disciplines (boat building, sail making, mechanical and electrical engineering…).
  • Sailing classes: More than 250 youngsters trained (free of cost) at the Ruhunu Sailing Association.
  • Natural Fibers: Researches on natural fibers and production of biocomposite boats and boat related products.
  • Hybrid drive: Researches and development of a hybrid drive system for three-wheelers.
  • Creation of 7 SME’s (social businesses and traditional businesses) and 2 non-profit associations.
  • Creation of mini-marinas.


500 Youths trained

500 Youths employed

More than 1500 beneficiaries


Creation of the Solideal Loadstar Rehabilitation Trust


Creation of the Building A Future Foundation.


Creation of the Ruhunu Sailing Association


Mirissa Water Sports: First Whales Watching company in Sri Lanka


Set up of the Sail Making loft & of the mast making unit


Sabrosa Rain: First Yacht design office in Sri Lanka.

Solar Impulse: Local company

Creation of the Ruhunu Dragon Association


Creation of Sail Lanka Charter: First Charter company in Sri Lanka – BOI company


Merge of Sri Sail and Sail Lanka Charter under one umbrella: Sail Lanka Charter ; First sailing school & charter company.


Creation of Sri Lankan Yachting Group