Ruhunu Sailing Association (RSA)

Created in 2006, the Ruhunu Sailing Association is a sailing school that proposes free of charge theoretical and practical sailing lessons to sons and daughters of fishermen. RSA is equipped with a fleet of optimists boats, lasers and Hobbies cats.

Regattas are organized on regular basis in collaboration with the Yachting Associations of Sri Lanka (YASL) in order to give children the opportunity to race with other young skippers. Lessons are provided by local and foreign trainers.

RSA’s objectives are:

  • to develop sailing sports at grass root level for underprivileged boys and girls aged between 8 and 16 years
  • to develop in them a passion for this sport
  • to make them aware of the marine treasures of the seas and shores around Sri Lanka.

If they find a vocation in coastal activities they will have the necessary baggage to become responsible, trained and ecologically well-aware professionals.



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