Solar Impulse 

Solar Impuse Pvt Ltd (SI) is a company established under the Sri Lankan law in 2011. The company employs youth previously trained by the Building A Future Foundation.

SI and its sister company BAFF Polymech Pvt Ltd  manufactured all the boats operated by Sail Lanka Charter  from canoes to Minibees and large catamaran boats up to 14 m.

SI does boat building, marine electronics, motor winding, composite works, aluminium and carbon masts, riggings, sails, rubber tubes for ribs (rubber inflatable boat), boat launching, harbor and mooring works with barge and divers, etc.

The sail making unit operated under SI is a member of the UK Sailmakers network since end 2014.

The company distributes its products locally and uses BAFF Polymech Pvt Ltd as platform for the export. Solar Impulse finances, develops and builds mini-marinas around the country to support the local boat building industry by providing mooring spaces and enabling locally built boats to operate successfully around Sri Lanka.

SI produces ONDA RIB boats (rubber inflatable boats), C18 catamarans and canoes in partnership with ONDA that brings his professional expertise in the design process. ONDA is the main dealer in Sri Lanka for RIB boats, Minibees, C18 catamarans produced at SI.

ONDA also imports SUP Paddle, surfs and bodyboards that are distributed in the local market (

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