A positive and sustainable Impact on youth’s future and their environment is the core mission of the Building A Future Foundation. In that frame, BAFF is proud to announce that thanks to Dr. Terney Pradeep, responsible of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science at the Ruhuna University, BAFF now linked up with that prestigious university on the southern coast of Sri Lanka The Ruhunu Sailing Association created at the initiative of BAFF committed to give once a week basic theory and practical sailing courses to 93 students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science. The group welcomes boys, but also girls who are as talented than boys. Today, there are only one or two woman expert sailors in the country. In the coming month, this active society will set up a new sailing club to represent the university of Ruhuna.

It will be the first time in the history of Sri Lanka that a sailing club will be formed in a local university.

In order to welcome the motivated team, a regatta was organized last Sunday 4th May: RSA CUP 2014 “Springtime Regatta”. The Ruhunu Dragon Association linked up with some students of the Ruhuna University in order to form a strong and skilled team and won the regatta. We are proud to announce that SOMaGS (Society of Oceanography and Marine Geology) from University of Ruhuna as an independent team came in the third place of the race! This is a good beginning.

Students from the Society of Oceanography and Marine Geology will register under Yachting Association of Sri Lanka to count as an active sailing club in the country.

Dr. Terney together with his department and students is also interested to work with BAFF for related activities like marine conservation, awareness and advocacy in the similar subjects.