The Ruhunu Dragon Association was recently created in Sri Lanka at the initiative of the Ruhunu Sailing Association of Sri Lanka* and the Belgian Dragon Association in Oostende. The association has as object the promotion of the International Dragon Sailing boat in Sri Lanka and the organisation of races in Sri Lanka and in Belgium. It will give the opportunity to the young sailors at the Ruhunu Sailing Association (underprivileged boys and girls from the southern coast of Sri Lanka) to sail on these prestigious racing boats.

The Dragon is one of the most beautiful and prestigious keelboat classes in the world and with more than 1800 boats racing worldwide it is also one of the largest. Designed in 1929 the Dragon quickly became a leading international class and remains a world leader today.

Although an historic class the boats now being built are constructed using the very latest high technology materials and methods. Careful class rule management has ensure that a well maintained older boat can still race competitively against the latest models and there are also special competitions for the vintage Classic Dragons, many of which are still racing today.

At present, there are two wooden dragon boats in Sri Lanka, Maranel and Laxapana. Match racings will be organised at the good season this year in Sri Lanka from November to April to train the best sailors at the Ruhunu Sailing Association.

Owners of dragons in the world are also welcome to keep their boats in Sri Lanka where the company Mirissa Water Sports (created at the initiative of the Building A Future Foundation) can take care of the boats throughout the year.


*The Ruhunu Sailing Association has the objective to develop sailing sports at grass root level for underprivileged boys and girls aged between 8 and 16 years from tsunami affected areas. The idea is to develop in them a passion for this sport and make them aware of the marine treasures of the seas and shores around Sri Lanka. If they find a vocation in coastal activities they will have the necessary baggage to become responsible, trained and ecologically well-aware professionals.