From its creation, Building a Future Foundation trained more than 230 youth who are now employed either in BAFF spinoffs (Solar Impulse, BAFF Polymech Pvt Ltd, …), either by other companies in Sri Lanka. In November 2012, BAFF welcomed a 2nd batch consisting of 15 young boys from Galle and Matara District (south of the island) to undergo 1 year technical training on multi skills. In 2011, BAFF also opened its program to girls. From the training in 2011 – 2012, 13 youth (10 boys and 3 girls) have completed their training and are now at job placements continuing the learning process and contributing their services using knowledge and skills they gained through the training.


Multi-disciplinary technical training 

BAFF together with NAITA (National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority) has designed the training program with a special attention for young people struggling for their career development. The training program is designed for one year with 6 month class rooms learning and 6 month practical (on the job training). With new commercial initiatives in Sri Lanka many doors are open for skilled workers to start their careers. The possibilities of self-entrepreneurships are also available for people with proper trainings and skills. The training targets at producing skilled technical workers for different trades and self-entrepreneurship. It is also identified that all-rounders with multi skills have more demand and also able to find jobs easily thus reason for BAFF to conduct the training focusing several disciplinary:

–          Mechanical

–          Electrical

–          AC & refrigeration

–          Engineering drawing

–          Civil works (plumbing / machinery / carpentry)

–          Computer & Mathematics (extra)

–       English lessons

The Trainees

The Trainees


– Rasika (Male Students from the newly started training)

so far it’s been only two weeks but now I’m dreaming to become an electrician and work at a hotel in the future.

I’ve changed a lot after the introduction and motivation program and I am now fully confident to continue this course till the end.

It was my decision to come and follow the course and even tried to convince my friends also to apply.

I feel sad to see some of my friends just roaming around doing nothing but happy about where I am to day compared to them.

My poor knowledge on computer and English language is a bit challenging but I’m hoping to use the maximum of this opportunity to reach my goal to become an engineer one day.

Said by a student from 2012 -2013 multi skills training program.  Rasika is from a single parent family whose mother is a helper at a grocery shop and finding little income to manage the family. Many youth who obtain the training from BAFF are having similar stories but commonly belong to low income families. Most of their parents are uneducated and having no capacity and knowledge to support their children on their education on the career development. With tourism industry it can be seen that illegal activities taking place by young people focusing on quick and easy way of money.


Nobody could control my son neither he listen to any of us. I was as afraid of his future as he was not an obedient child. But I was amazed to see the difference in him day by when he advancing the training given by BAFF. I appreciate the way that the training has designed making sure that our children practice disciplines and gaining other qualities before they enter to the real society and to the job market” Said by a Mother of a trainee at the certificate awarding ceremony.


The training has its special focus on how to prepare youth to existing labor markets. Most importantly theory and practical on subject matters but also any other requirements needed for laborer is being taught at the training. This includes management, language, Computer skills and other disciplines.


Considering the number of opportunities in the labor market for technical workers and also looking at the self-entrepreneurship possibilities around coastal areas, BAFF is conducting the above training in order to achieve its mission of

  • To innovate.
  • To introduce and stimulate any activity, industry, renewable energy, technology, skills and individuals.
  • To provide the necessary infrastructure to:
    • Train unprivileged youth into innovative activities and new skills which have a potential of economic development in the region
    • Empower them with the required hard and soft skills,
    • Generate commercial spinoffs,
    • Develop new concepts of sustainable and renewable energy,
    • Attract external entrepreneurs to create new business (social or not) in cooperation with BAFF.


After noticing the need and the successful outcome from the 1st training and the demand raised for the 2nd training, BAFF is planning to advance and expand the training and to produce more young technicians to the labor market in the future.