TOPAZ-SAILING-04lr-230114The development of water based leisure industry is an important objective of the Building A Future Foundation by creating a new market in Sri Lanka and thus by creating sustainable employment opportunities for local underprivileged youth while uplifting their living standards.

BAFF acts as a catalyst and incubator to first introduce sailing, boatbuilding, chartering and the manufacturing of various products necessary for this industry and to incubate local entrepreneurship in this field.

To allow the development of charter business, BAFF negotiated with the CFHC (Ceylon Fisheries Harbor Corporation) the creation of mooring pontoons in Mirissa, Beruwelaand Hikkaduwa on the West coast and in Trincomalee untouched natural harbor on the East coast.

BAFF also works in collaboration with the association Gold of Bengal and Watever Foundation on the introduction of natural jute fibre to be used for marine applications.

Since 2005, BAFF is the initiator of several businesses related to yachting as follows:

Mirissa Water Sport (PVT) Ltd. ( BAFF first spinoff, established in December 2005. They are the pioneers in Sri Lanka for whale and dolphin watching safaris.

Blue Water Cruising (PVT) Ltd.: A recently established partnership that is also providing whale and dolphin watching safaris and upscale chartering. After BAFF initiated Mirissa Water Sports in 2005 at least another 30 different enterprises have followed the example, creating a sustainable income for more than 300 families, not to forget the numerous related businesses that benefited from this new industry such as trishaw drivers, shops, guesthouses and hotels.

Mirissa Moorings ( The premier boat charter, mooring facilities and service provider in Mirissa harbour.

Sail Lanka Charter ( The premier company that offers day chartering activities in Sri Lanka. A 47 feet catamaran designed by Erik Lerouge and Sabrosa Rain Advances Technologies was built by Sri Lankan boat building experts initially trained by BAFF.

More than 150 jobs have been created through various spinoffs with more than 1 000 beneficiaries. Taking into account the 30 independent whale watching companies in Mirissa that have been created following the example of BAFF, the total employment generated is at least 300, reaching to more than 2 000 beneficiaries.