10th February – Weligama (south of the island):

Successful Launch of the 14,5 m catamaran Sashimi MK2 with sails and engines (2x60HP)!

With its 77,8 m2 surface of sails this fishing boat has strong upwind sailing capabilities and will allow fishermen to save around 30% fuel for economic and ecologic benefits. It took one night and a morning to transport the catamaran from BAFF boatyard to the launching place in Weligama near Taprobane Island. This was achieved thanks to the appreciated efforts of BAFF trainees & trainers, BAFF management, students and lecturers of the Ocean University of Sri Lanka,…. The prototype was designed by German Frers Naval Architecture, financially supported by the Government of Belgium, the Bénéteau Foundation and various donors and developed by the Building A Future Foundation in Sri Lanka. The prototype will now be thoroughly tested by local fishermen used to operate long lines for selective fishing.